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Woman Climbs Truck, Attacks Man With Chain at Taco Bell



ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — Well, she wasn’t getting busy in a Burger King bathroom. Instead, a bizarre standoff occurred between police and a woman armed with a large chain in a Taco Bell parking lot in Anaheim Thursday, CBS LA reports:

According to police, a woman climbed into the bed of a man’s pick-up truck in the fast-food restaurant’s parking lot and began to rummage through his things.

The man tried to stop her and she hit him with a large chain, the Anaheim Police Department said.

When police arrived, the woman was acting erratically and standing in the back of the victim’s truck with a large chain and wrapped it around her neck.

The woman refused to comply with police and negotiators were brought in to attempt to talk to her. Police ultimately used less-than-lethal force and a K-9 unit to take her […]

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