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Will Canceling Your Equinox Membership Make You Richer?



Will Canceling Your Equinox Membership Make You Richer?

WEST HOLLYWOOD (Forbes) — Will you be richer if you run away from your Equinox gym membership?

This is an article delves into a few financial planning questions I’ve meant to answer for quite some time. Is Equinox worth the astronomical monthly dues? Would the gay community be better off saving that money for retirement? Will everyone get fat if they go to a cheaper gym?

Now that Equinox and Soul Cycle are facing protests and boycotts from the LGBTQ+ community based on Stephen Ross holding a fundraiser for Donald J Trump, this seems like a good time to share this story. For those who don’t know, Stephen Ross owns the parent company of both Equinox and SoulCylce.

The Queer community has come to expect donations to anti-gay groups from the likes of Chic-fil-a owner Dan Cathy, but the recent support of Trump by the owner of Equinox seems like a slap in the face to a large contingent of expensive gyms customers base. Both Equinox and Soulcycle have branded themselves as LGBTQ-friendly. One of their group fitness instructors, Paul […]

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