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Weho Jesus vs. Crazy Robertson: Who’s Most Fabulous?



via Guest of a Guest – They’re embraced and celebrated by society’s most upscale neighborhoods, have become icons within the L.A. community, and they share common turf.

But long before Jesus of West Hollywood began making the rounds up and down Sunset Strip and Santa Monica Boulevard, there was Crazy Robertson. The L.A. icon made a name for himself dancing on the eponymous strip of high-end shops and famous restaurants where has-beens and wannabes flock seeking relevance. And amid a constant brigade of fame-starved celebs and paps, he still emerged as the true star of Robertson.

But we’ve barely heard a peep on Crazy Robertson in the last six months, while Jesus’ celebrity has experienced a meteoric rise in L.A.’s cult of fame. So has Jesus ousted Crazy Robertson from his reign as king of WeHo’s most fabulous and popular street characters? The only way to find out was to put the two head to head.

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