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Weho Residents Win Battle over Hotel Helicopter Landings



Residents near the Sofitel Hotel appear to have won their battle against plans for commercial helicopter landings at the location.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz was supporting a temporary permit to test the landings at the hotel, but he has now changed his position.  He also announced on Tuesday that the hotel is not moving forward on plans to offer the commercial landing service.

Lauren Meister, a resident of West Hollywood West and one of the leading critics of the helipad, previously told Weho Daily that a test to see how it impacts the neighborhood was not needed.

“We already had our test when the hotel allowed illegal use of the helipad in 2010,” said Meister. “And, we don’t think that the City of LA can enforce conditions — because they obviously didn’t enforce the existing conditions in 2010.”

After a barrage of media attention, it looks like Koretz has now changed his tune. He said in a statement via ABC7 on Tuesday that because “the community is not ready to support even a trial period,” he has urged the hotel not to proceed with its request and also that “the hotel has agreed not to pursue approval of this service.”

Read more about the controversy at ABC7

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