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Weho May Escape Paparazzi Circus on Lindsay Release



It was a circus when Lindsay Lohan left her West Hollywood home to go to jail last week, but not as bad as many had feared.  The helicopters were here early, waking a lot of people up, but they were soon out of our area along with the subject of their focus.

That raises the question on what we will be facing when she comes home.

The good news is that TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan is heading to a rehab facility in Newport Beach when she is released in the coming days from her jail term at the Sheriff’s Lynwood Correctional Facility.

That should benefit the  peace and quiet to some degree, as it would mean the paparazzi won’t be on top of her in our city while she does her 90 day inpatient rehab down in Orange County.

She is supposed to check in at the rehab within 24 hours of her release from Lynwood, so there potentially could be a huge media circus if she decides to come home to Weho for a night in her own bed.

And unfortunately, there is no telling what will happen with the paparazzi on her return to West Hollywood after rehab.

Read the report at TMZ

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