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US-China Trade War Squeezing WeHo Small Businesses



US-China Trade War Squeezing SoCal Small Businesses

WEST HOLLYWOOD (Spectrum News) — It takes Samy Maskell anywhere from four to six hours to design one of his creations and up to 10 hours to actually tattoo it on someone’s skin.

After it is all said and done, the tattoo could cost up to $600 depending on the size. But those thinking of getting a tattoo, may want to hurry, as the pain of getting inked is now reaching all the way to people’s wallets.

“We’ve, you know, we’ve been feeling it, we’ve been feeling those tariffs,” Maskell said.

In the last few days, Tattoo Mania on Sunset Boulevard has been forced to increase prices by 10 to 15 percent.“We get a lot of stuff from China, a lot of disposables, they’re a lot cheaper,” Maskell said.The bruising trade war between […]

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