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Transient Trouble at Urban Outfitters on Melrose



A transient causing trouble at Urban Outfitters proved to be too much for LAPD units arriving on the scene to handle, causing a request for backup today.

Officers arriving on the scene requested backup at about 11:50am as the man was out of control.

Jenn Hoffman tipped us off that there were dozens of LAPD officers on scene, people gawking from the street, and helicopters overhead just a few minutes after the backup call went out.

We first heard about Urban Outfitters having trouble with the transient in and around the Melrose Avenue store quite some time ago, but didn’t think much of it.  There are dozens of calls about transients loitering or otherwise causing disturbances in the area each day.

We’ll try to figure out how much of a delay there was between the transient was reported and LAPD arriving requesting backup, but it sounds like quite a bit of time.

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