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The Wing Publicly Responds to ‘Racist Incident’ in May



The Wing is Publicly Responding to a Racist Incident That Has Black Members Openly Quitting

WEST HOLLYWOOD (Jezebel) — In late May, as almost everyone involved has acknowledged, a racist incident took place at the West Hollywood location of The Wing, a glossy women’s coworking space we keep having to write about.

On Thursday, in September—several months after the incident occurred—The Wing founders Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan sent out an email to members apologizing for it. The email described an ongoing attempt to build a community that is more welcoming to women of color, acknowledging that “members and staff of color… haven’t felt adequately affirmed in our spaces.”

In the meantime, several black women have publicly quit The Wing—including the member who was targeted in the incident —arguing that the institutional response continues to be inadequate.

While some Wing members reading the email might have been left scratching their heads, the May incident was clearly described by journalist Char Adams in a piece for Zora in mid-August.

Asha Grant, the director of the Free Black Women’s Library of Los Angeles, told Adams that she and a guest were in the parking lot outside the West Hollywood location when they were confronted and followed by a white woman guest who accused them of stealing her parking […]

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