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Switch Up your Excercise Routine with 4×4 at Equinox



ABC7 checked in with the group fitness manager at Equinox West Hollywood for some fitness tips today…

Fitness experts are continually changing out your program, because if you do something routine, you don’t get much results. But by just changing a few simple moves in a different pecking order, you’ll get great results.

Fitness pro and Equinox group fitness manager Paul Katami created a math equation that kicks your fitness into gear called “4 x 4”.

“Rather than just doing 30 seconds, which you see a lot of or 20 seconds like you might see in Tabata I thought why not go for endurance,” said Katami.

Read more about the program at ABC7… plus, they have details about a $20 Equinox DVD featuring the routines so you can do them yourself at home.

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