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Suspects Nabbed for Shooting Laser at Helicopter



Los Angeles Police are on the scene at the mouth to Laurel Canyon where officers on the ground just detained a vehicle suspected of shooting a laser up into the sky at an LAPD helicopter.

They could be in some big trouble. Police take such incidents very seriously.

The LAPD airship noticed the vehicle at the top of Laurel Canyon Blvd, near Mulholland, and requested ground units to effect a stop on the car, a silver 4 door Mercedes, as it followed the car as it made its way down the hill at a high rate of speed.

Ground units caught up with the vehicle around Hollywood Blvd and Laurel Canyon Blvd. and took at least one suspect into custody.

The suspects could be in some big trouble, including possibly state and federal charges. Police take such incidents very seriously.  In 2007, a California couple faced federal charges and up to 20 years in prison for a similar incident with a Kern County Sheriff’s Department helicopter.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you hear about this one in the news, being prosecuted very aggressively.

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