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Studio at Beverly Hills Delivers a Google-esque Workspace



Studio at Beverly Hills Delivers a Google-esque Workspace

BEVERLY HILLS ( — Find everything you need and then some at this shared campus in Silicon Beach.

The first contemporary coworking space showed up in 2005 in San Francisco. It was designed to give participants the best of both worlds: a place to fall into community while working on their own projects. Prior to this, plenty of remote executives and hopeful entrepreneurs were gathering in coffee houses to work together, separately. Today, remote workers of all kinds have access to cutting-edge, inspired meeting spaces.

Studio at Beverly Hills, an elevated, shared campus in Silicon Beach, is the latest coworking space—and it’s taking this concept to another level entirely, offering perks reminiscent of big tech players in Silicon Valley. One of the perks of being in a coworking space is the ability to network and interact to foster a sense of support and community that is often missing when working alone. Studies have shown that with this sense of support and community comes increased energy, […]

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