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Pursuit into Hollywood Ends with Arrests



The following are messages sent out about this incident via twitter in chronological order.

  1. slow pursuit on the east side, just crossed la brea
  2. car just stopped, detaining gunpoint las palmas and fountain
  3. car hit another sunset and highland
  4. hit TWO vehicles
  5. there may be two diff cars being detained in diff spots
  6. one person ran into a house — sheriff is either fighting with that person or another somewhere else
  7. fire/rescue being requested – LAPD was dispatched to scene a few mins ago
  8. bringing out the tazers
  9. helicopter is on scene now
  10. sheriff is still looking for either other victims (collisions) or suspects in another vehicle
  11. dealing with another uncooperative suspect – extracting now from a vehicle
  12. about 6 LAPD cars on scene along with prob that many sheriff cars or more
  13. hope nobody was going to bed early on that side of town! lol
  14. two suspects in custody, a third is outstanding

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