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Shots Ring Out in Plummer Park, One Victim Hit in the ‘Ass’



Deputies and onlookers at Plummer Park after gunfire rang out and one victim was hit. (Photo: Juan Markos for Weho Daily)

Shots rang out in Plummer Park on Sunday night and one victim was hit while bullets missed their mark with two other victims, according to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

One male victim was transported to the hospital with a gunshot wound.  His reported to be in serious condition.

All three victims were reported to be transients.

The shooting erupted at about 11:20PM and at least one deputy was in the park at the time and heard the rounds.  That deputy reported the shooting and that screams for help were coming from within the park.  He detained multiple people running from the scene at gunpoint while additional units raced to the scene.

Reports immediately began flooding in to Weho Daily at the same time.

“Whoa! Someone just shot at Plummer Park,” reported Weho Daily reader bryan Holdman from near the scene. “Very clearly hearing someone scream, ‘I’ve been shot!'”

Holdman said that deputies asked where the victim was shot, and he yelled in response, “In my ass!”

UPDATE: Conflicting information has been coming out out the Sheriff’s Department about the victim’s wounds.  The watch commander told KTLA and LA Weekly that the victim ended up not having been shot before they later updated the information to be a gunshot wound to the abdomen.  The Los Angeles Times, however, reported on Monday morning that the wound was to the buttocks.   City News Service is reporting that that the shot was to the buttocks and that the bullet lodged in the abdomen.

“Sirens are coming and people are screaming “help” (and) ‘oh my god!’ reported reader Jacey Duprie.

The shooter, described as a heavyset white male in his 20’s, wearing a black shirt and black beanie, was last seen southbound out of the park.  It wasn’t immediately clear if the suspect was also thought to be a transient.

Deputies ended up detaining at least four individuals in the park, however some of those people may have been the other victims or witnesses to the shooting.  Another suspect was detained at Willoughby and La Brea, however we don’t know if deputies confirmed any connection to the shooting.

Calls also went to the LAPD as Plummer Park sits on the border of West Hollywood and the City of Los Angeles.  LAPD units assisted Sheriff’s Deputies in searching the area for the outstanding suspect.

Shell casings from a small caliber handgun were collected at the crime scene as evidence of the shooting.

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