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Serial Killer of Gay Men Set for Thursday Execution



Serial killer of gay men set for Thursday execution

FLORIDA (Gainesville Sun) — Gary Ray Bowles started his eight-month murderous binge in Daytona Beach by killing John Hardy Roberts on March 14, 1994, inside the victim’s beachside home and now he is set to be the 99th death row inmate executed in Florida in modern times.

The killing spree began in Daytona Beach.

Eventually, in 1994, six men were savagely beaten and choked. One was bludgeoned with a discarded toilet.

Each man fought for his life, but lost.In every case, the victims had something crammed down their throats — a towel, wads of toilet paper, a fistful of dirt.

On Thursday, their killer, Gary Ray Bowles, is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection.

Executions mark the end of some of society’s most heinous killings, but they also elicit objections to the practice of state-sponsored death. Holding the opposing view may become more difficult when it is argued on the behalf of an unrepentant serial murderer like Bowles, but there is still no end to the […]

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