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Saint Motel Plans Judgment Day Concert at The Roxy



Judgment Day billboard in West Hollywood (photo: Bradley Jacobson)

Los Angeles band and Sunset Strip favorites Saint Motel are planning a Judgment Day concert at The Roxy for May 21, 2011… the date that being proclaimed by a group called Family Radio on billboards across the country. And it looks like members of the group will be attending.

As previously reported, the billboards have even appeared in and around West Hollywood. The billboard company offered to remove one sign located in the gay area after City Councilmember Jeff Prang made them aware that the group believes that “gay pride” is one sign of end times.

We’re pretty sure that the band — and our friends at The Roxy — don’t share the belief that the world will end during the concert, so hopefully they just want to see the look on the group member faces when the clock rolls over to a new date at midnight. Check out the second video below for the first in a series about the upcoming concert from the band.

Plus, everyone knows that when it comes to which religion will get you into heaven, “Mormon” is the correct answer.

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