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Russia rips children from their dads under ‘gay propaganda’ law



Russia rips children from their dads under ‘gay propaganda’ law

(LGBTQ Nation) — For the first time, Russia has used its 2013 federal law prohibiting “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relationships” to split a male same-sex couple from their legally adopted 12- and 14-year-old sons.

The fathers brought their sons to a Moscow hospital in June over a suspected case of appendicitis . Doctors then alerted the Investigative Committee of Russia, and the Committee later charged the adoption agency with “negligence” for allowing the kids to be adopted by a gay man in 2010.

The Committee’s report on the matter said: “A man has been raising two young adopted boys since 2010 in living conditions with another man. At the same time, he promotes unconventional relations, forming distorted ideas about family values ​​in children, harming their health, moral and spiritual development. [The adoption agency didn’t take] appropriate measures to protect minors from information harmful to their health and development.’” Local activists worried that if the agency was found guilty, the ruling could be used to annul the adoption and possibly split up the family. Their worries were founded because even though the ruling hasn’t been issued yet, Russian authorities have already split the couple from their adopted sons : “Authorities from the Committee tried multiple […]

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