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Police, Bodyguards at Lindsay Lohan’s Sober House



TMZ reports that Mama Lohan was bringing the goodies to Lindsay’s sober living house yesterday, as if she were moving into a new college dorm.  They also spotted her attorney, Robert Shapiro, out to dinner at Madeo on Beverly near Robertson last night.

But this story is really about the X17online reports that bodyguards were brought to Lindsay Lohan’s sober living house near Pico and La Cienega overnight. And Los Angeles Police officers showed up too. (Weho Daily has EXCLUSIVE audio of police talking about the scene on their radios, see below.)

LAPD officers leave Lindsay Lohan's sober house, in a photo where the agency attempts to pin their presence on something she did. But actually, they were there to chat about the paparazzi. (click photo for full photos/article from X17)

The site posted, “X17online photographers on the scene tell us that cops were called to Lindsay’s temporary pad at 12:30am. They went inside and stayed for about 15 minutes, then came out and hung around for another 20 before heading off. We hope it was nothing serious!”

Come on, X17! You probably know full well what it was about: you and your friends. Apparently you didn’t care to honor Lindsay’s attorney’s plea to leave, from earlier in the day. Shocker.

Her attorney, Robert Shapiro, said she wasn’t coming out until Tuesday, for court and her surrender for jail time.

Weho Daily has audio of LAPD radio traffic about the disturbance caused by the paparazzi and complaints from neighbors, including flash bulbs lighting up the inside of houses in the area, with light coming in through windows.

LAPD Radio: Police Talk about Paparazzi at Lindsay’s Sober House

LAPD was out a few times overnight, it seems. The caller to LAPD was very frustrated that they couldn’t be removed, even asking if they could be removed after any late hour, such as past 2 or 3 in the morning.

Unfortunately for them, they were indeed stuck with the new urban campers.

Perhaps there needs to be a paparazzi “victim” support group for neighbors who often are stuck dealing with them near their homes around our area.

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