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Opinion: LA’s Most Transit-Dependent Neighborhoods Need More, Faster



Opinion: The Crenshaw Line is a start, but L.A.'s most transit-dependent neighborhoods need more options

by Herb Wesson, president of the Los Angeles City Council

LOS ANGELES (L.A. Times) — Work is underway on the Crenshaw/LAX Line, but the line’s northern extension may not be built for decades. Access to safe, reliable and affordable mass transit opens opportunities and makes life less stressful. But even as rapid transit options have expanded across Los Angeles, hundreds of thousands of South and Central Los Angeles residents have been left out.

As a result, a large swath of the city’s black and Latino residents are unable to fully access, enjoy and participate in L.A.’s job markets, healthcare services and cultural amenities because they are badly underserved by the L.A. Metro system.

While the south and central parts of the city have a high percentage of residents dependent on public transportation, the area is a virtual desert of mass transit. Seven of Metro’s 10 […]

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