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Odd Behavior and Traffic Collisions as Bars Close in Weho



Vehicle on the sidewalk after near Melrose and Fairfax. (Photo: Leeor Shlomo)

West Hollywood saw numerous traffic collisions as the bars closed after Saturday night festivities this weekend. A pedestrian was hit by a possibly drunk driver then asked for a ride. A car ran onto the sidewalk in another incident. And a taxi and another vehicle were involved in still one more collision.

“Just avoid the entire stretch of Santa Monica from La Cienega to Robertson… cops and paramedics everywhere in addition to drunks,” said Weho Daily reader Samantha Stephens during the chaos.

Stephens said that a taxi was in an accident with another vehicle on Santa Monica Blvd at about 2:30AM.

In the Melrose and Fairfax incident, Leeor Shlomo told Weho Daily that a male driver was taken away by paramedics after he ran onto the sidewalk and took out the lights and sent the bus stop flying.

But the strangest incident was a report of a female driver hitting a pedestrian near Santa Monica Blvd and San Vicente. The male victim was said to have simply asked the driver for a ride before the Sheriff came and instead provided a short ride to the driver over to the West Hollywood jail.

“Craziest thing… guy who got hit said wouldn’t call the cops if he could get a ride home with her, and he got in car,” said Weho Daily reader Christof, who was on the scene telling Sheriff’s deputies what he witnessed.

He later updated us and said the woman “who hit him is on her way to the slammer and the guy who got hit is on the way to the hospital.”

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1 Comment

  1. Christof Roberts

    May 9, 2011 at 1:37 PM

    Me and my friend had a great night partying at our favorite Saturday night hot spot Monster at Club Eleven in WeHo and after we left the club we went to Greenwhich Village Pizza as we usually do. We were walking across Santa Monica Blvd on San Vicente when the guy in front of us got struck by I car, I didn’t actually see the hit, but my friend did..he said the guy went flying in the air and hit the front end of the car, that is when I saw the victim laying on the ground. The car took off and he ran after it saying, “Omg I can’t believe I just go hit Omg!! My arm hurt, my arm hurts!!”, the lady who hit him pulled in the driveway of the WeHo Police station on the SMB side, got out of her car, and stood in front of her licence plate meanwhile I was trying to get a picture of it in case she was going to take off again, but I was able to type the licence plate numbers into my phone anyways, her friends were freaking out, crying, and going crazy saying “please don’t call the police” while she seemed very calm. She kept telling the victim “What do you want from me? What do you want?? I don’t have money!!” She was very cocky and didn’t seem to care about the fact that she just hit someone and could have killed an innocent person who was simply trying to cross a street!. Shockingly enough the victim told her “if you take me home, I won’t call the police!!”, that is when he got in the car and as they were about to drive off that is when the police, firetrucks, and ambulances arrived!! I’ve lived in Hollywood/La for 12 years and I thought that I had seen it all until Saturday night! If some crazy bitch runs my ass over I’m going to thank my lucky stars that I survived and I’m not going to get in a vehicle and tempt fate again!! ‘Twas yet another crazy night in good ol’ West Hollywood…Gotta love it lol 😉


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