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Workout From Home: Dogpound Trainer Shares Moves



(E! Online) — Sure, we’ve all got the time these days, but that doesn’t mean we want to wile it away getting our sweat on.

So Dogpound founding trainer Austin Pohlen —who puts the likes of Hailey Bieber (and husband Justin Bieber ), Sarah Hyland , Kaia Gerber and Adam Levine through their paces at the workout studio’s West Hollywood outpost—has some good news: you can totally get a head-to-sculpt in just minutes a day.

But in the immortal words of RuPaul (and Britney Spears ), you better work.

“My celeb clients love mini circuits where there are four to eight exercises and they go through them as fast as possible for three to five rounds mixing abs or cardio in between,” Pohlen […]

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Americans Ditching Health for Junk & Comfort Food Amid Coronavirus




(TMZ) — America and junk food are getting back together after years apart … and it only took a global pandemic to kick start the reunion.

According to a new Bloomberg report, a massive and noticeable trend is starting to emerge in the buying pattern of panicked U.S.-based shoppers these past few weeks … who’ve been flocking to their local grocery stores and grabbing the essentials off the shelves en masse.

Long story short … the country’s giving up kale, and they’re going back to Oreos. In other words, keeping up with the health kick is over, people. We’re going back to what we know.

There’s a number of possible reasons for this outlined in the report, but the biggest seems to be basic shelf life and expiration dates. A lot of the junk food shoppers are pivoting to is simply going to last longer than pretty much any of super/health foods they’ve gravitated towards of late. Plus, a lot of the old-school snacks are sold in bulk, and are easier to grab and go in these scary times. Another explanation … we’re creatures of habit.

The numbers are there to back up the theory too — sales for companies like General Mills, Tyson Foods, Campbell Soup, Kraft and Heinz are going through the roof of late. The company behind Spam is also blowing up with a 37% spike, and Oreo maker Mondelez Int’l is also peaking.

The report says chips, cookies, pretzels and popcorn are also making a mega comeback — and, apparently, cow milk and red meat are as well. Oh, how the healthy have fallen.

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Gyms Not Closing for Coronavirus But Step Up Cleaning



Gyms Not Closing for Coronavirus, Step Up Cleaning

LOS ANGELES (TMZ) — Gym rats have a safe haven amid the growing coronavirus pandemic — a lot of their go-to facilities don’t seem anywhere near to shutting their doors. They will, however, do a few more wipe-downs to put people at ease.

TMZ spoke with a number of big-name gyms in Los Angeles — including 24 Hour Fitness, Equinox and TriFit … and they all tell us they haven’t gotten instructions to keep their members out over COVID-19. What they will do, in short, is step up their cleaning game.

An employee at TriFit in Santa Monica tells TMZ … their gym has replaced a few small bottles of hand sanitizer with 4 big ones, placing one in each locker room and two in the main gym area. They’ve also provided more hand wipes and paper towels with the hope members use them to wipe machines down. TriFit’s also encouraging folks to wash their hands, etc.

The one thing Tri is closing down … their saunas and steam rooms, out of precaution.

Equinox is doing something similar, except it sounds like the burden of cleaning falls on the staff. We’re told Equinox employees have been told to ramp up their cleaning efforts with hospital-grade cleaning solutions — which are to be used for mid-morning and mid-afternoon wipe-downs … in addition to their usual cleaning schedule.

Gold’s Gym, where none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger beefs up, tells us they’re wiping down areas more frequently and giving their members tips on how to stay clean and healthy — including staying home if they’re sick. That’s pretty much it.

As for 24 Hour … they too are following that same principle of extra cleaning — telling TMZ their staffers are wiping down just about every touchable surface they can get to with disinfectant solutions. They also say they’re encouraging members to use cleaning stations around their facilities before using a machine and, obviously, afterward as well.

24HF does not though … their 24GO app does offer over 2,000 workouts people can do from home — so they’re suggesting members use that if they can’t make it in.

Bottom line … gyms out here are doing what they should already be doing in a space where germs run amok — namely, cleaning … just way more of it. So if you’re brave and not worried about catching something, go and get your lift on. Coronavirus ain’t shutting it down.

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Classes & Workshops

Sat Feb 8: Recharge for Spring with LVMB Collective



by Genevieve Marie

LOS FELIZ — LVMB Collective presents: Recharge for Spring! Led by  Weléla Mar Kindred of  Löv Yoga, to help you feel energized!

The event includes an Intentional Choreography workshop, Tribal Bellydanse, Spring Women’s Healing Circle and African Sound Ceremony. Guests will want to eat really light, drink some water, and wear clothes you can move in.

There will be a short sound bath which LVMB says will guide you towards a more relaxed state. Weléla will be using Tibetan sound bowls and Koshi wind chimes. Green juice will be given complimentary at the closing of the class. “Let’s heal you!” she says.

Weléla says of the event “Consider this flow to consciously focus on healing the heart and very gentle yoga practice – no harsh movements.  Embracing the affirmation, I forgive all in my path and I will walk with a lighter heart. This flow is a hatha-based flow. For those who are new to yoga, with the intention of being gentle. This is a space where you practice to be aware of your body and those around you.”

“This will be a beautiful ceremony among your El Portal community and friends, we look forward to seeing you there!” – LVMB

Where and When

Sat, February 8, 2020, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM PST

El Portal De Los Feliz 3713 Lowry Road Los Angeles, CA 90027

Please allow extra time for parking.

Space is limited, tickets at

Private Gentle Löv Yoga Sessions are also available, they can come to you or arrange a Skype class. 

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L V M B also offers plant-based culinary services, offering African inspired food meal plans specifically to clients based in Los Angeles.  They travel to global cities for personal meal planning trips as well for clients who desire meals that not only nourish but create smart time saving needs.

Weléla  began preparing plant-based meals in 1997 in her Los Angeles home studio, and in Paris, FR – book a private service here .

​For more info, check out or email

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