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Woman on Hunger Strike About Netflix Cancel is Probably Dead




HOLLYWOOD — We’re a little slow in picking up this story. Let’s see… it’s been a week since a video was posted by Tony Pierce on his BusBlog, and she had already been on a hunger strike for 5 days at that point. Could she still be alive? The interweb says the human body can live for weeks or even a few months without food.

[UPDATE: Tony thinks the woman is alive because there are new posts on her social media, and her GoFundMe to raise money for a BLIMP is still up. To be clear, the assumption she is dead is solely made by WeHoDaily.]

But we digress…. Tony described his encounter with the woman as such:

i had just stood in line at the Popeyes on Hollywood Blvd to get that spicy chicken sandwich. i had nothing else to do so i walked home instead of taking the subway – gotta get those steps.

as i approached Sunset and the Netflix HQ, i saw a woman who i had seen a few times earlier in the week.

she had her sign that said Save The OA

but while i was driving in the past i hadn’t noticed that in small print it said Hunger Strike.

this woman had not eaten in 5 days when i approached her and had the nice little chat in the video.

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