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Why is Justin Bieber Trying to Sell his House on Instagram?



BEVERLY HILLS (Refinery 29) –Justin Bieber is moonlighting as a realtor. In the wee hours of the morning, he posted no fewer than 13 photos of his Beverly Hills mansion, expressing a desire to sell it.

It all began with the innocuous caption “Home vibes,” which then transitioned into “Home vibes, but I wanna sell it I think anyone interested?” And then, after dipping his proverbial toe (and his literal toe — his feet are in several of the pics) into the real estate market waters, he grew more confident yet: “I think I wanna sell my home in Beverly Hills who wants it.”

And then he got excited, lying on his couch with his two new $35,000 part-exotic kittens: “I’ll sell it with all the furniture […]

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