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Falsely Identifing Son as a Minority Got One Mom More Jail Than Felicity Huffman



Why Did Marjorie Klapper Get More Jail Time Than Felicity Huffman? She Falsely Identified Her Son as a Minority

BOSTON (Newsweek) — Marjorie Klapper and actor Felicity Huffman paid the same amount of money to have their children’s respective ACT and SAT scores boosted, but Klapper received a harsher sentence.

Why? Possibly because she also falsely claimed her son was African-American and of Hispanic origin on college applications.

“What you’ve seen really across the board with everyone who’s been sentenced so far is that the higher the money, more egregious conduct, those individuals get harsher sentences,” Frank Perrone, a partner at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP, told Newsweek .

Klapper was one of dozens of parents indicted in March for participating in a fraudulent scheme to aid their child’s acceptance to college, which was uncovered in the FBI operation “Varsity Blues.” Her case bore similarities to Huffman’s in that they both paid $15,000 […]

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