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Who Profits From Trump Hotel Conspiracy Theorists’ Party?




Who Makes Money When a Bunch of Conspiracy Theorists Throw a Party at Trump’s Hotel?

MIAMI (ProRepubica) — This month, about a thousand supporters of President Donald Trump gathered at his resort in Florida to discuss a variety of unsupported theories. There were panels on the “Russia Hoax” and “Voter Fraud in the USA.” One speaker endorsed the theory that former President Barack Obama had planned to “turn over” North Africa to al-Qaida.

The American Priority Conference and Festival at the Trump National Doral Miami drew national attention for a video shown that depicted a fake Trump shooting and stabbing members of the media.

And as ProPublica and WNYC detailed, speakers also told conference-goers to prepare for “war” and invoked other violent imagery. (The conference organizers said they oppose all political violence.)

Alice Wilder of “Trump, Inc.” was there during it all. (Listen to the episode.) And we explored who profited from the three-day event.

Here is what we know about who got paid.

1. Trump: The President Won’t Say How Much He Made

Neither conference organizers nor the Trump Organization would say how much the festival paid to rent the Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom and adjacent event rooms over the three days.

Disclosures by the Republican National Committee and Republican Governors Association show they each spent about $400,000 for multi-day events at the resort.

Also, many of the thousand attendees stayed at the Trump Doral. Neither the conference organizers nor the Trump Organization would say how many. Those who did stay there paid $199 per night.

2. Donald Trump Jr.: He Won’t Say if He Got Paid, but He Made $50,000 for Speaking the Night Before

Donald J. Trump Jr. was the conference’s headline speaker. During his speech[…]

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