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When People Ask ‘Yo, Is This Racist?’ These Podcasters Find it Usually Is



When People Ask ‘Yo, Is This Racist?’ These Podcasters Find It Usually Is

HOLLYWOOD (Los Angeles Magazine) — It’s a Monday night, and Andrew Ti and Tawny Newsome are at Earwolf Studios in Hollywood, taping an episode of Yo, Is This Racist?

Tonight the guest is Sasheer Zamata, the former Saturday Night Live cast member known for playing Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, Rihanna, and others. When a wife calls in about the lousy, racist impersonations her husband does, then lets him on the line to perform those very same voices, Zamata is quick to call them both out.

“Sir, you’re not funny,” the professional comedian says.

“I feel like I’ve been transported to a dinner party in 1952,” quips Ti.

As with many of the show’s callers, the judgment is quick and sure. “Get a divorce,” Newsome instructs his wife. On the weekly podcast, Ti, […]

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