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West Point Clears Cadets of Hate Speech, ‘OK’ Symbols at Army-Navy Football



NEW YORK (TMZ) — West Point says it does NOT believe 3 cadets were trying to promote white supremacy by flashing the “OK” hand gesture at the Army vs. Navy football game … saying it was all a “misplaced joke.”

Military officials launched an investigation after the cadets were spotted using the hand gesture multiple times during the ESPN broadcast of the Dec. 14 game.

As we previously reported, the Anti-Defamation League and other watchdog groups have said the hand symbol has been co-opted by white supremacy organizations … which is why people were shocked to see the cadets flash the sign so proudly on-air.

But now, West Point has released the findings of their investigation — and they insist the cadets were not trying to promote a racist agenda.

“The evidence strongly supports a finding that [the cadets] made ‘OK’ hand gestures during the ESPN broadcast of Game Day because they were playing the ‘circle game’ or ‘gotcha game,’ ” the report says.”

There is no evidence that [the cadets] hold any racist of white supremacist views or attempted to communicate such messages by using the ‘OK’ hand gesture on national television.”

The report explains the “circle game” is an “internationally recognized game in which people attempt to trick someone else into looking at an okay-like hand gesture below the waist.”

The cadets say they were trying to “garner attention from a national audience as well as surrounding cadets.”

“All three cadets also deny any intention of their okay gesture having a meaning associated with white supremacy ideology or any other movement/ideology that is contrary to the Army Values.”

Moving forward, investigators say the military must make a significant effort to “keep training current in order to address changes in the use of hate group symbology.”

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Celebrity News

Harvey Weinstein Sued For Assault and Battery at Peninsula Hotel




Photo: Flickr

(TMZ) — Harvey Weinstein coerced an actress into having sex with him by dangling a role in a film, then threatened to ruin her career if she didn’t give in … this according to a new lawsuit.

The disgraced movie mogul is being sued for sexual assault and battery by a Jane Doe, according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

According to the suit, the woman met Weinstein at an event in Los Angeles back in 2014, and he told her “I run Hollywood,” before suggesting they should meet-up later.

In the docs, the woman claims she went to meet Weinstein in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, but he didn’t come down, and he told her to come up to his room.

In the suit, the woman claims Weinstein answered the door wearing a bathrobe without a belt, and told her she was perfect for a few of his projects. And, that he was the “King of Hollywood” and she should be smart about behaving and being nice to the right folks.

The woman claims Weinstein excused himself to use the bathroom, and when she heard the shower running, she left the hotel room. She claims he had someone send her a script for a movie, then demanded she meet him again at the Peninsula, and that’s when things got sexual.

In the docs, the woman says when she went back to Weinstein’s room for what she thought was a business meeting, he was again wearing his bathrobe and threatened to blacklist her from Hollywood. She says she felt she had no choice but to let Weinstein have his way with her, and they had sex while he demanded she call him “King.”

After the alleged encounter, the woman says she fell into a state of shock, became depressed, had a mental breakdown and became distressed to the point she started losing hair.

The woman is going after Weinstein for damages.

Weinstein’s spokesperson, Juda Engelmayer, tells TMZ …”We are reviewing the allegations and will reserve further comment until we learn more.”

As you know … Weinstein was jailed on Rikers Island after being sentenced to 23 years for his rape and assault cases.

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Celebrity News

Former ‘InfoWars’ Host Alex Jones Arrested for DWI in Texas




'InfoWars' Host Alex Jones Arrested for DWI in Texas

TEXAS (TMZ) — According to police docs, cops were called to Jones’ residence for a family disturbance. When they arrived, his wife claimed they had a verbal altercation that “was physical” earlier in the day. She allegedly told the officer Jones took off in his car and was possibly drinking.

Cops caught up with him shortly afterward — sometime after 10 PM Monday night — and pulled him over. The arrest report says the officer detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from Jones.

Jones allegedly admitted he drank a bottle of sake while he and his wife were at a sushi restaurant a couple hours earlier, and they got into an argument. Jones told the officer he walked home, but the argument continued there … so he left to go to another residence to get away from her.

According to the report … Jones demonstrated some impairment during field sobriety tests, such as swaying and losing his balance, but he did blow slightly below a .08 on the Intoxilyzer — twice.

It should be noted … it’s unclear who the “wife” is in the report. Jones divorced his previous wife in 2015, and as far as we know … he has not remarried.

Alex Jones has a fresh DWI case deep in the heart of Texas … the former “InfoWars” host was busted early Tuesday morning in the Austin-area.

Jones was booked around 12:30 AM … according to the Travis County Sheriff’s Department. He was back on the streets by 4 AM, after posting a $3,000 bond — and as you might expect, Jones is telling his own version of events.

He went on his “Alex Jones Show” podcast and said he blew under the legal limit of .08 … so he thinks the whole charge will go away. “InfoWars” is already floating a conspiracy theory, saying Jones was caught in a DWI sting … aimed at increasing the Sheriff’s Department’s number of arrests.

So far, the Sheriff’s Department isn’t saying what Jones’ BAC was when he was arrested. Worth noting that in Texas you can be arrested for DWI even if you’re under the limit IF the officer thinks your driving ability is impaired.

Jones has been charged with misdemeanor DWI.

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Celebrity News

Ariana Grande Swatted (Again) After Bogus 911 Shooting Report



Ariana Grande Swatted After Bogus 911 Call For Shooting

LOS ANGELES (TMZ) — Ariana Grande ‘s crib was visited by police after someone called 911 claiming shots were being fired on the property … but we’ve learned it was nothing more than a swatting call.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … cops sent a couple units to the artist’s L.A.-area home Wednesday night around 5 PM after someone called police claiming there was a shooting in progress.

Our sources say Ariana has been swatted at least once before, so police were skeptical when the 911 call came in, but they still sent 2 cars to check out the situation. We’re told cops did not talk to Ariana — they spoke to the property manager — and law enforcement ultimately determined it was another instance of swatting and LAPD took a 911 abuse report.

Sources say LAPD will investigate because they want to stop swatting calls … cops say it’s dangerous because it takes away resources from where they’re needed most.

Other celebs who have been swatted over the years include Lil Wayne, Tom Cruise, Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Pharrell.

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