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WeHo’s Josh Morgerman is Now TV’s ‘Hurricane Man’




LI-raised storm chaser Josh Morgerman is now TV's 'Hurricane Man'

WEST HOLLYWOOD (Newsday) — A hard rain’s gonna fall — more and more, say climatologists. And when they come, Josh Morgerman will record them not only as one of the world’s preeminent storm chasers but as the star of the new Science Channel series “Hurricane Man,” premiering Sunday at 9 p.m.

It was two hurricanes here on Long Island that set Morgerman, 49, on his peripatetic path. At 6 years old, already having been mesmerized by the tornado in “The Wizard of Oz,” he was asleep in bed in 1976 when Hurricane Belle hit. “But the impression it made on me was the next day, when I walked outside our house, seeing our neighborhood really smashed up. I was, like, ‘What happened here?’ I became this big weather nerd,” he avows. “Like, walking around high school with weather maps.”

When Hurricane Gloria made landfall in 1985, “It was my biggest fantasy come true, this big hurricane forming off the coast of Africa, crossing the Atlantic and shooting up the coast. Long Island was the bull’s-eye,” he recalls. “I was so excited. I had a barometer my dad gave me for Christmas, and I measured [the air] pressure in the eye — the first time I ever collected data on a hurricane.”

That’s when the human cost hit home. “My mother started to cry and my father looked at me and said, ‘This was what you wanted, right?’ I just felt so bad about it,” he says, repeating a story he relates on his show. But now, when pressed, he goes further, reflecting […]

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