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Wag! Launches New Dog Tag for Pups to Find Their Way Home

Carol Kay



WEST HOLLYWOOD — The Sunset Strip based dog walking app Wag!, the on-demand dog walking and boarding app, has announced that Wag! Tag, a smarter dog tag that delivers more information to help get your lost dog home more quickly.

It is now available to consumers nationwide. With this new offering, Wag!’s community of passionate pet care providers can be leveraged to provide immediate and robust lost dog search support.

Utilizing this community and simple technology, Wag! is reinforcing its commitment to safety. 


Pet parents no longer need to rely on traditional dog tags with only limited information. The smarter Wag! Tag offers multiple features: 

  • Easily Accessible Information – Each tag utilizes a simple, scannable code that makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone who finds your lost pup to access their information. 
  • Personalized Dog Information in One Place – Go beyond a traditional tag and fill your dog’s profile with all the information you’d want someone to know if they found your furry family member — emergency contacts, secure drop-off locations, allergies, vaccinations, and other helpful notes about your dog. 
  • Lost Dog Search Support (with Wag! Tag Complete) – Wag! Tag Complete comes with active support from walkers on Wag! to help find lost dogs faster. This feature also increases local awareness by providing shareable digital flyers, proactively posting to lost dog platforms.

“More than 3.5 million dogs go missing each year” — Hilary Schneider

According to Hilary Schneider, CEO, “Our love for dogs is what led us to launch the Wag! Tag. With our amazing community of walkers in more than 100 cities across the country, we have a network of caring and passionate dog lovers who can be notified to help a lost pup return home more quickly.

More than 3.5 million dogs go missing each year, and she believes the Wag! Tag will help more of them reunite with  their families.

How the Wag! Tag Works

  • Order – Orders can be placed online at
  • Activate – Scan the tag with a smartphone camera to begin the registration process. 
  • Search support – With Wag! Tag Complete, local walkers on the Wag! platform will be alerted to a lost dog and provided with information to help bring your dog home safely. 
  • Reuniting with your pup – Once a dog is found, the rescuer can easily scan the Wag! Tag with any smartphone to instantly access your emergency contact information.

As part of Wag!’s continued efforts to help the animal shelter community, the company first launched Wag! Tags to animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country free of charge. 

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