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Copy of – U.S. Customs System is Back Online After Failure



U.S. Customs System is Back Online After Massive Failure

(TMZ) There is chaos at airports across the United States, because the entire U.S. Customs system has failed.

Customs officials haven’t figured out what happened, and obviously one thing that comes to mind is a possible cyber attack, although officials haven’t said that’s even a working theory.

The lines at major airports, including JFK, LAX and Dulles, are insane. People are being processed manually, and it’s taking forever. As planes land, the lines just get bigger.

It appears the entire computer system for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has failed.

It appears the borders are also without computer systems, and again everything that needs to be checked is being done so manually.

An official at LAX says, “Officers are processing passengers manually so please check with your airline for the latest status of any flight impacts.”

As of now … no one from CBP is even speculating on what caused the outage … all they’re saying is they are working on the problem.

2:30 PM PT — A source who is an official from Customs and Border Protection tells TMZ, “There is no indication of nefarious activity at this time.” That said, CBP still doesn’t know why the system failed.

2:23 PM PT — Law enforcement sources at one of the country’s biggest airports tell TMZ, they are “openly talking” about the possibility of a cyber attack, although they have not been briefed by Customs and Border Protection. CBP says it’s trying to determine how the system went down, but is offering no answers or theories.

2:44 PM PT — The system is back online. They have not determined the cause.

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Woman Sues American Airlines: Employee Allegedly Used Number Bag Tags to Text Her



(ABC7) — American Airlines is facing a lawsuit from a passenger who said she got creepy texts from one of its employees.

The 34-year-old social media and trade show professional was flying from San Diego to Chicago on business last April, when “as she settled into her seat,” a startling conversation began.

Ashley Barno, 34, did not know who was messaging her.

American Airlines employee (AA): “Hey Ashley!”Barno (B): “Hello!”AA: “How are you?”B: “I’m good. Thank you! Sorry I’m not sure who this is.”AA: “I met you the other day at the airport. Btw I must tell you that you are gorgeous! You are looking very gorgeous in grey top today!!”As the plane readied for take-off the writer identified himself as an American Airlines employee named Ahmad who saw her in the San Diego […]

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Labor Protests Could Disrupt Intense LAX Holiday Traffic



LOS ANGELES (KNBC) — Amid the holiday travel crunch, unionized airline caterers plan to stage another demonstration at Los Angeles International Airport Friday to highlight their demand for higher wages and expanded benefits, potentially causing additional delays for travelers.

The caterers’ union, UNITE HERE Local 11, staged a similar protest at LAX two days before Thanksgiving, resulting in 16 arrests for alleged failure to disperse.

The caterers work for LSG Sky Chefs and its subsidiary, Gate Gourmet, which contracts with American Airlines and other carriers. According to the union, one in four workers with LSG Sky Chefs and Gate Gourmet earn less than $12 per hour, including people who have worked for the companies for more than a decade.

The union also contends that 33% of workers at LSG Sky Chefs at LAX had […]

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Not a Private Jet, but It’s Pretty Close: What It’s Like to Fly on JSX



It’s not a private jet, but it’s pretty close: What it’s like to fly on JSX

LOS ANGELES (Los Angeles Times) –Your jet is waiting. The lounge at JSX is right next to the plane at the private hangar at Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Out of desperation, I ended up on a private jet. Driving from L.A. to San Francisco the day before Thanksgiving is never enticing. This year, the forecast called for heavy rain and snow in the mountains, which meant the 5 Freeway could close anytime at the Grapevine.

Also, a fire above Santa Barbara meant potential mudslides. JSX takes passengers from a private hangar at Hollywood Burbank Airport to Northern California and Las Vegas. My husband, Joe, and I started looking for solutions.

My first idea — skip the whole thing and spend the long weekend catching up on “The Crown” on Netflix — was vetoed. He decided […]

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