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Traveling Bay Area Burglary Crews Target Tourists in Hollywood



UPDATE: This was a West Hollywood Sheriff’s incident, according to alerts at the time from the Beverly Hills Police Department. We are seeking clarification from the agencies. More details can be found in our article about the pursuit.

HOLLYWOOD (NBC LA) — Detectives who busted another burglary crew from the Bay Area targeting tourists at Southern California attractions say they’re seeing a trend.

As one detective put it, “The word is out among known Bay Area criminals.”

Police say the burglary crews drive down to Hollywood and target Southern California tourists in Hollywood.

“It’s a little scary,” Nathan Jorgensen, a visitor from Iowa, said. “One extra thing to plan for when you’re going on vacation, walking down Hollywood Boulevard, looking at stars–where am I keeping my belongings?”

The short police pursuit of four thieves inside a silver Toyota Pathfinder that was rented in the Bay Area ended in Beverly Hills Wednesday morning. In the SUV, investigators found more than $1,000 in cash, high-end jewelry and a gun. Wednesday’s pursuit started after […]

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