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The Secrets of ‘Circus of Books’



Rachel Mason shares secrets of her family’s famed gay adult store ‘Circus of Books’

Rachel Mason shares secrets of her family’s famed gay adult store ‘Circus of Books’ with David Reddish for Queerty:

“I’m standing in the $0.99 store. I have a two-year-old that needs supplies for his birthday party tomorrow.”

Rachel Mason doesn’t give herself a break. The noted musician and performance artist has spent the first half of the year traveling the country with her new film Circus of Books. It opens at Outfest July 18 before coming to Netflix this fall.

The documentary traces the history of Mason’s family business, the West Hollywood adult shop of the same name. Mason grew up with her parents, Karen & Barry, running the store staring in 1982. Only as an adult did she begin to understand the merchandise it sold, and its cultural significance to the queer community. As the store shuttered its doors at both Silver Lake and West Hollywood locations earlier this year, Mason released her film to share the history of the establishment, and the profound effect it had on her family.

We tell Mason we’ve been trying to get her for an interview since we caught the film at the Tribeca Film Festival this spring. Amid the background noise, she granted us a few minutes ahead of the July 18 Los Angeles premiere to talk about her family, the film, and how Ryan Murphy came aboard as producer.

So this is a family film of another sort.

It’s a film that the Christian right could totally get behind, except it’s about a gay porn store.

A film about a Jewish family running a gay porn store as made by their performance artist daughter. I’m sure they’d have something to say about that.

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