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Surgery on Intersex Children Facing Ban Unless Medically Necessary



New York state senator proposes ban on surgery on intersex children unless medically necessary so they can have 'autonomy over their bodies'

NEW YORK/CALIFORNIA (Daily Mail) — Lawmakers in California and New York are proposing bills that would effectively ban surgery on intersex children unless the operations were medically necessary.

Babies born with chromosomal or anatomical features that do not fit neatly into either traditional definition of ‘biological sex’ often undergo operations to alter their bodies within the first few months of their lives.

They are unable to make a decision about their own gender identities at that point in life, so state Senator Brad Holyman is proposing legislation that would require patients to give informed consent before undergoing such procedures.

It mirrors a bill proposed by California state Senator Scott Wiener proposed in April. Surgeries to modify the bodies of these children risk […]

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