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Space Force Reveals First Uniform and They Might Need a Redesign



(TMZ) — Well, President Trump ‘s new baby just crapped all over itself — because the U.S. Space Force’s first uniform is a big hit … with our enemies — in spaaaaace!!!

Space Force gave the world a sneak peek at some of its gear … showing off a glimpse of a camouflage jacket. It’s got “U.S. SPACE FORCE” on the chest … and a “SPACE COMMAND” badge on the arm, right under the U.S. Flag. Awesome.

Except … IT’S CAMO!!! The standard green, brown and black shades of camo are the LEAST camouflaged colors on a space ship or in space. Right?

That much was obvious to everyone on Twitter after Space Force posted the image. As some users pointed out … Space Force appears to be battle-ready, as long as we’re taking down the Ewoks on the forest planet of Endor from “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.”

Space Force, which officially launched about a month ago, has only one member so far — Gen. John “Jay” Raymond, the Space Force Commander. Based on this first uniform, we should look into recruiting a fashion designer too.


As the Internet was quick to point out after the Space Force post … perhaps something in black would be better for flying under the radar in space. Or maybe gray to blend in with space ships. Then again … we don’t even know what those will look like.

Pentagon, we have a problem … lots to sort out.

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WeHo Community Design Workshop: Open to Public Dec 7



WEST HOLLYWOOD — The City of West Hollywood invites you to help shape a future public gathering place in the West Hollywood Design District.

Participate in this community building experience with the public artist team and review site layout, circulation, and traffic calming options for Bonner Drive.

Meet with the design team, including landscape architects from Land Images and the artist team from Greenmeme. In their local studio, designers and consultants work alongside a team of fabricators, engineers and other specialists to develop art pieces.

Their portfolio contains artworks that consider the importance of long-term, low-maintenance design strategies for unique site conditions and budgets, including vertical and roof gardening projects for public, commercial and residential spaces.

Riverside Dr Bridge, Los Angeles, CA

Over the last decade, Greenmeme has exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Zero1 Art and Technology Biennial, Horizons Arts/Nature Festival, Make Art With Purpose and the Glow Festival. They received a CODA International Public Art Award 2017 (Merit winner) in Transportation.

Time and place:

Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 11 a.m. at the City Parking Lot, located at the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard.

For questions, please call (323) 848-6336 or email

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Celebrated Architect’s First CA Project Is in the Beverly Center



Celebrated architect David Adjaye’s first California project is in the Beverly Center

BEVERLY GROVE (Curbed LA) — National Museum of African American History and Culture designer David Adjaye ’s first project in California will be at a surprising location: The Beverly Center.

Adjaye is designing an 11,000-square-foot store for The Webster , a “luxury multi-brand retailer,” that sells high-end apparel. Adjaye has designed a number of other stores across the globe, including two stunning spaces in historic buildings in New York for designer Proenza Schouler and a ground-up space for the Aishti Foundation, a collection of bars and in Beirut.

Adjaye’s addition—said to be pink and concrete—to the nearly 900,000-square-foot Beverly Center could draw attention to the indoor mall, which opened in 1982 and has struggled to stay relevant .

Last year, the hulking center completed a mullti-year, $500-million makeover […]

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Influencer Claims She is Being Evicted Because Lisa Frank Flat Copied Her Design



An Influencer Claims She Is Being Evicted Because the Lisa Frank Flat Copied Her Apartment Design

LOS ANGELES (Jezebel) — Last week, the Internet surfaced a cheaply constructed rainbow apartment-for-rent in Downtown Los Angeles: an ode to Trapper Keeper empress Lisa Frank, designed as an advertisement for Naturally, its novelty made the SponCon go viral, and the space, available only for stays October 11-27, was booked out immediately.

But after being inundated with tagged posts, Instagram design influencer Amina Mucciolo noticed something strange about the promotion. Mucciolo is the brain behind her own rainbow explosion apartment, and many of the design elements in the space, she believes, mimic her own rental.

(It does not help that the spaces share a kindred layout.)

In a 27-minute long YouTube video, Mucciolo details the similarities between the two apartments, and chronicles a series of events that she believes has lead […]

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