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Sober-Curious: WeHo Leading the Way to Sobriety Becoming Cool



Sober-curious: How sobriety is becoming cool

WEST HOLLYWOOD (CNET) — Walking down the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, you’d almost miss the haute, yet somehow low-key, sober club nestled among the bevy of cocktail bars, night clubs and taco huts that serve just the kind of food you have a hankering for after a night of debauchery.

Of course, the 1.6-mile strip of Sunset Boulevard also hosts CycleBar and Rumble Boxing , because balance.

As of Nov. 21, 2019, another wellness-oriented startup has nudged its way into WeHo, encouraging Los Angelenos to trade their boisterous, alcohol-clouded nights for something much quieter, more soothing and, quite frankly, much healthier.


Remedy Place proclaims itself the first-ever “social wellness club,” and while founder Dr. Jonathan Leary may have the pleasure of coining that term, his new endeavor isn’t the first to build upon the “sober-curious” trend currently rising up in big cities (Dr. Leary is, however, allegedly the first to combine the concept of high-tech physical recovery and sober socializing into one seamless institution).

Wondering what this sober-curious movement is all about and where you can get your hands on a non-alcoholic cocktail that — rather surprisingly — makes you feel just as lively as the real thing? I met with Dr. Leary to discuss sober socializing and wellness, as well as tour the stunning Remedy Place. In this article, I discuss how sobriety is becoming accepted and even celebrated, plus […]

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