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OC Prison Inmate Charged in Attack on ‘RHOC’ Star’s Son



ORANGE COUNTY (TMZ) — The inmate who slashed Lauri Peterson ‘s son during a bloody jailhouse fight … is now facing even more time behind bars for the near-deadly ambush on Josh Waring.

Orange County jail inmate Jose Jesus Guzman is set to be arraigned next month on multiple new charges related to the attack — assault with a deadly weapon, infliction of great bodily injury, possession of a deadly weapon by a prisoner and destroying/concealing evidence.

This, of course, comes after he was caught on camera jumping out from behind a flight of stairs last month to attack Josh. Guzman ended up cutting Waring’s face and chest before guards rushed in to break it up.

Josh and his mom claim the OC jail correctional officers are out to get him, and possibly even set up the attack … something the jail denies. However, the guards have said it was a mistake for Guzman to be out of his cell at the time of the attack.

Remember, one of the officers who responded to the fight wrote in a report afterward that Josh had told him he didn’t want to pursue charges against the slasher, and he knew the guards hadn’t let that happen on purpose. Josh’s attorney called BS on that.

As we reported, Josh has also filed a federal lawsuit against Orange County and the Sheriff’s Dept. Since the attack, Josh has been transferred to a new jail after making the request to a judge.

BTW, if the assault with a deadly weapon charge against Guzman sticks — it is all captured on video — he’ll likely serve several more years than what he’s already doing time for … another assault with a deadly weapon case, among several other violent charges.

Guzman’s been locked up since 2015, and it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

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