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Researchers: Grindr is Still Leaking Users Locations




Grindr is still leaking its users’ location data, making them potential targets

(Queerty) — Cyber-security researchers working with the BBC showed that security flaws in Grindr, Romeo and Recon allow others to track users to their precise locations , something that could endanger users. And this isn’t the first time Grindr has had this exact problem.

Even worse, the BBC reports, when researchers told the companies about this flaw, only Recon made changes to stop it — Grindr and Romeo reportedly did not.

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“This problem and the associated risks have been known about for years but some of the biggest apps have still not fixed the issue,” the BBC reports.

Here’s how the flaw works: Using a process of “trilateration,” if Grindr shows someone as 650 feet away, then you can draw a circle with a 650-foot radius and know that the user is somewhere on the perimeter of that circle. Then, if you move to two other locations and do the same thing, you can more or less pinpoint where the man is, like this: An […]

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