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Randy Rainbow Denies Trump Is ‘Chosen’ in ‘Superstar’ Parody




(Billboard) — Even though he’s almost always making headlines, President Donald Trump garnered some special attention last week when he tweeted about a political pundit referring to him as the “King of Israel,” and when he looked up to the sky and said ” I am the chosen one .”

Naturally, the Internet’s favorite musical satirist Randy Rainbow decided to take a closer look at those comments. On Thursday (August 29), Rainbow released a new parody song, aptly titled “Cheeto Christ Stupid-Tzar.” The new song is a medley of sorts, taking three different songs from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s hit musical Jesus Christ Superstar , and using them to mock the president’s latest public comments.

He opens the video, as always, interviewing Trump, and quickly transitions into a rendition of “King […]

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