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Queer ‘Transcendence’ at Cheetahs: a Stage for ‘Weirdos’



By Genevieve Marie

UPDATE: This event has been postponed indefinitely.

HOLLYWOOD — Donald Trump’s immigration policies have been alarming, to say the least. The call to action was heard loud and clear by Jordyn Kramer, a local singer and performance artist who organizes events for some of the most censored LGBTQ performers in Los Angeles.

The second round of her newest project, a variety show named Transcendence, is scheduled for November 8th at the world famous Cheetahs in East Hollwood, and it couldn’t be a more appropriate setting.

“I like a lot of sex, a lot of spit, a lot of yelling. Freedom. I like to give people a space to be their purest self,” Jordyn said when asked about her unique show style. “Give the weirdos a stage and some pay. And raise money for important causes while doing it. I’ve had lots of great people on my team along the way, of course.”

Burlesque Dancer Xia Gemini

Her previous project, Queerspace, was also developed as a reaction to the state of the world.

“I was sick of seeing all the weirdest/punkest/coolest performers in Philly on the queer performance scene get overlooked,” she said. “The Pulse shootings had just happened… The mission statement was to create a safe space for young QTPOC to come and have some fun and enjoy some entertainment.”

Drag King Clit Eatswood

Queerspace originally started in her hometown, Philadelphia.

“Our drag scene was kind of vanilla and square, and people were confused by me. I was in this competition full of really polished drag queens doing Lady Gaga numbers and I’d be doing numbers in white contacts and costumes that I made out of trash I found on the ground… So I started producing my own events.”

Jordyn decided to move to Los Angeles in October of 2016 and things just really proliferated and exploded, she said.

“A performer named Ian Johnson helped me in the beginning phases. My best friends Max Webber and Angie Araujo took over for a while producing [the Philly show] when I moved to LA. Sam Fineman produced it for a  bit too. It’s been nice to see the many incarnations and mutations.”

Now that the Queerspace has been established in LA, she has handed the reins over to another artist, Peter Kalisch, who keeps that dream alive. Meanwhile Jordyn is writing her own music and building Transcendence, the first fundraising event for the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project.

The lineup for the event currently incldes: N8noface, Oddly Shrugs and Hoddy The Young Jedi “It’s gonna be a banger. I’m really excited to work with these cats (pun very much intended)”

When asked what artists she would love to have in a future show, Jordyn said “I would love to have ICP or Criss Angel make a guest appearance someday. Just tell no one, not even put them on the flyer. Bam, there’s Criss Angel pulling a card with your name on it out of his asshole between drag numbers. Guy Fieri. Neil Hamburger. Henry Rollins. Steve O. Just a few I have my sights on next.”

Rapper Sami Seal

If you would like to donate to the Asylum Seekers Advocacy Project without seeing all the “sex and spit,” you can donate here, but if you’re curious what a LGBTQ variety show at a strip club might entail, don’t forget to bring your ID and some extra cash to tip the dancers. (Sex work is real work, too.)

Transcendence at Cheetahs is November 8th – $10 to enter- 4600 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Host Jordyn Kramer flashes the camera

Photos from Transcendence debut show at The Lash by Genevieve Marie

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