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Private Texts with Aaron Shock Leaked



Aaron Schock addresses nude pics, Coachella video, and antigay past in alleged leaked private chat

(Queerty) — Screenshots of an alleged private chat between Aaron Schock and a man by the name of Edwin Montanez have surfaced online and they offer new insight into the disgraced ex-lawmaker’s recent string of scandals.

Again, just to be clear, these are screenshots from an alleged private chat. Their validity has not been verified, though they appear to be legit.

In the chat, Montanez begins by reaching out to Schock to say how “DISGUSTED” he is by everything that’s been reported about him, including his nudes that leaked earlier this summer.

“Those are personal and meant to be between you and whoever you’re sharing them with, not the world,” Montanez writes. Related: Are those newly leaked Aaron Schock nudes you’ve been sharing revenge porn? Schock responds by […]

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