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Popeyes Employees Fight Worker Selling Chicken Sandwich On Side




LOS ANGELES (TMZ) — The fights over the reintroduction of Popeyes’ chicken sandwich are not slowing down … workers at one franchise ganged up on a fellow employee they say was selling the popular item on the low.

Check out this insane video from a Popeyes restaurant in Los Angeles … it’s a madhouse behind the counter, with employees swinging on each other and one worker wielding a frying pan above their head.

The person behind the camera claims the violence erupted after an employee was caught selling the chicken sandwich out of the back door.

In the video, you hear a worker screaming, “You f**king hit me, bitch!!!”

As we’ve reported … fights have been erupting across the country after Popeyes brought back the chicken sandwich last weekend, and a man waiting in line in Maryland ended up dead after a violent altercation.

A fight in another part of Maryland shows a customer brawling with employees behind the counter, and getting a bunch of flour dumped on his sweatshirt.

Footage from a fight in Florida showed two men going at it in the drive-thru line, with one dude hitting the pavement after taking a punch.

Despite the chaos and violence, Popeyes is adamant they won’t remove the chicken sandwich from the menu … so it’s a good bet more fight videos will keep rolling in.

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