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Peruvian Cooking at Rosaline with Chef Ricardo Zarate



WEST HOLLYWOOD (KTLA) — Chef Ricardo Zarate named his West Hollywood Peruvian restaurant after his mother, Rosaline.

Growing up in Lima the 11th of 13 brothers and sisters, Zarate remembers his mother waking up every morning at 5 a.m. and hitting the kitchen. She’d make breakfast, lunch and dinner and Zarate estimates his mother would make 45 meals throughout the day!

He fell in love with cooking because he started helping out in the kitchen from an early age.

“I wanted to do it all my life, Zarate told Jessica. “I am blessed that I am doing that.” Zarate’s bright and welcoming restaurant is usually bustling and loud around dinner time, much like his own home was growing up, he joked.

Peruvian cuisine, Zarate noted, has influences from all over the world: Spain, Morocco, Italy, China and […]

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