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Overtime Costs in LA Are a Bigger Share of Payroll Than NY and SF




Overtime costs for LA city a bigger share of payroll than in New York, San Francisco

LOS ANGELES (Daily News) — Overtime costs for Los Angeles city employees have amounted to nearly 11% of the municipality’s $4.3 billion in payroll costs, which is a larger share of payroll than for New York and San Francisco but less than Chicago, according to a report released Wednesday by City Controller Ron Galperin.

New York, where overtime was 6.6% of payroll in a recent year, and San Francisco, where it was 7.1%, have instituted restrictions on the amount of overtime that could be earned, Galperin’s report noted.

For example, the city of New York saved at least $28 million in the most recent year by limiting waivers on civilian overtime caps and closely watching overtime by skilled trade workers, the report said.

The controller’s report suggested that the city of Los Angeles “can explore the possibility of implementing similar overtime caps.”

Galperin’s report took a look at the overtime costs from the angle of individual employees, laying out some standout overtime earnings numbers.

The majority of high overtime amounts were properly approved, Galperin noted, but he added that “there is clearly a need for better oversight and regulation to […]

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