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Norms Celebrates 70 With 70-Cent Breakfast October 23



L.A. diner legend Norms is turning 70 and offering 70-cent breakfasts to celebrate

WEST HOLLYWOOD (TimeOut) — Thousands of L.A. restaurants have come and gone since Norms first opened in 1949—including its first location on Sunset near Vine.

Fortunately, the diner institution has been going strong elsewhere in L.A. throughout the last 70 years, and for one day in October you can celebrate the enduring orange-and-white icon with prices that haven’t been, well, the norm in decades.

With 19 locations spread from Van Nuys to Huntington Beach and as far east as Riverside, the eye-catching pennant signs are almost synonymous with Los Angeles diner culture, while the oldest surviving location—the one on La Cienega—isn’t just […]

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