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Multifamily Mansions Hit Los Angeles




Multifamily Mansions Hit Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for sprawling estates, but as the city shifts toward density, mansion-style living is taking on a new look. Developer Astéras is completing Astéras Kings, a new 25 residence multifamily project in West Hollywood. The property features minimalist design with high-end features akin to Los Angeles most prestigious single-family communities as well as services and amenities.

“We wanted to take the idea of the Hollywood Hills-style of living into the multi-unit building setting, and we wanted to do that by incorporating natural materials, minimal design and spaces that blurred the indoors and the outdoors,” Demetri Darmos of Astéras, tells “We have taken the best elements of having a house up in the hills with the best elements of multi-unit boutique living.” […]

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