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Man Stalked Pop Star With Google Maps and Reflections from Her Eyeballs in Selfies



Man allegedly tracked down pop star using her own selfies and Google Street View

TOKYO (CBS News) — Tokyo police have charged a 26-year-old unemployed man with injury caused by forcible indecency for allegedly assaulting a woman in Tokyo whom he tracked down using a combination of her own selfies and Google Street View. It’s the latest case of an obsessed fan allegedly stalking a young pop star , and it has renewed the discussion in Japan about the perils of fame in the digital age.

Asked how he found the address of the victim, a pop idol in her 20s, suspect Hibiki Sato astounded investigators by recounting how, by patiently poring through the victim’s social media selfies, he was able to piece together clues by carefully analyzing the scenery reflected in her eyes.

By enlarging the photos, Sato was allegedly able to discern telling details […]

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