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Man Convicted for Possession & Mistreatment of a Baby Tiger



Neil (left) and companion Karma, courtesy of America's Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College.

LOS ANGELES — City Attorney Mike Feuer has announced that his office has secured a conviction of Nicholas Perkins, 33, over allegations that Perkins illegally possessed and mistreated a baby tiger cub at his home and possessed anabolic steroids.

The Bengal Tiger cub, now named Neil, was identified by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) through social media posts, including a YouTube video with personality Logan Paul.

Perkins pled no contest to one count of Fish & Game Code sec. 2118(b) – Unlawful Possession of a Restricted Wild Live Animal. Among the terms he agreed to:

–       36 months of summary probation
–       $1,000 fine plus penalties and assessments, totaling approximately $3,900
–       $2,000 to the DFW Preservation Fund
–       Payment of all veterinary bills, totaling approximately $52,000
–       Attend 16 hours of animal cruelty classes
–       Cooperate in any subsequent investigation of the breeder/seller of the tiger

“We should never allow any animal to be exploited,” said Feuer. “The defendant’s conduct here is illegal—and flaunting this treatment of an exotic, endangered baby tiger on social media sent a horrible message that behavior like this is OK. It isn’t. My office remains committed to protecting the welfare of all animals and holding accountable those who put them in jeopardy.”

The Special Operations Unit of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife assisted with this matter.

“California wildlife officers are doing everything possible to stop the trafficking of wildlife in California and all over the world,” said David Bess, CDFW Deputy Director and Chief of the Law Enforcement Division. “Addressing the crimes associated with possession and mistreatment of this tiger is a measurable gain in that effort.”

In December 2018, City Attorney Feuer filed against Perkins for the alleged illegal possession and mistreatment of the baby tiger cub at Perkins’ home. A search warrant to seize the cub was executed on Perkins’ home on November 9, 2017 and the animal was taken into custody. During the search, there was extensive evidence of the animal’s poor living conditions and the presence of anabolic steroids.    

Neil currently lives at America’s Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College, which took him in after authorities reached out. He lives with his companion, Karma, who is two weeks younger. They have been together since the age of six months, which experts report is ideal for a lifelong tiger friendship.

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Celebrity News

‘BH Cop’ Actress Mauled by Her Pit Bulls at WeHo Home



'Beverly Hills Cop' Actress Heather Parkhurst Mauled by Her Pit Bulls

WEST HOLLYWOOD (TMZ) — Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst — an actress who’s appeared in “Alpha Dog” and “Beverly Hills Cop III” — damn near got her arm torn off when her pit bulls turned on each other, mauling her in the process.

Heather’s fiance, Mark Nason, tells TMZ … the scary incident went down Friday night at their West Hollywood home. We’re told Heather was petting their 7-month-old pit, Baby, when their other pit bull, 8-year-old Buddha, suddenly appeared to get jealous and growled.

Click here to see the photos at TMZ (viewer discretion advised)

And, that’s when Baby and Buddah lunged at each other but Heather’s right hand and arm got caught in the middle of the violent melee.

The attack left Heather — who’s also acted on TV shows like “NYPD Blue” and “Married with Children” — a bloody mess. She was rushed to the hospital to treat gruesome injuries, including crushed bones in her hand, torn ligaments and other deep cuts throughout her arm.

We’re told doctors inserted pins and stitched up her arm but she remains hospitalized.

Mark tells us Heather will now require nearly a year of therapy to recover. As for the dogs, Mark says they have every intention to keep Buddha and Baby because they’re huge pit bull advocates.

Tune in to TMZ on TV weekdays Monday through Friday (check syndicated/local listings)

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Pets & Animals

Mountain Lion Killed in Santa Monica Mountains Under State Law



SANTA MONICA (NBCLA) — P-56 is the first radio-collared mountain lion to be killed under the state depredation law in the Santa Monica Mountains.

A male mountain lion being tracked by National Park Service researchers in the Santa Monica Mountains was killed by a property owner under a state law allowing such action following repeated attacks on pets or livestock, park officials have announced.

According to the NPS, the lion known as P-56 had been living in the western Santa Monica Mountains south of the Ventura (101) Freeway. He was believed to be between 4 and 5 years old.

P-56 is also believed to have fathered at least four other lions. The lion was killed Jan. 27. NPS officials said he is the first radio- collared lion being tracked by researchers to be […]

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Pets & Animals

Man Enters Plea to Shooting Dog in La Mirada



West Hollywood Doctor Indicted In Fraud Case

LOS ANGELES– A Lakewood man pleaded no contest for fatally shooting a dog last month, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has announced.

Shane Michael Dubyak, 23, entered the plea to one felony count of cruelty to an animal and admitted using a revolver in the commission of the crime.
Deputy District Attorney Mireya Camacho said Dubyak was immediately sentenced to five years in state prison and is prohibited from caring, owning or possessing any animals for 10 years.

On January 5, the defendant shot a 15-year-old terrier named Kurtis that was left under his care in the 16400 block of Phoebe Avenue in La Mirada, the prosecutor said. A few days later, police spotted Dubyak and he fled when they attempted to detain him but was ultimately arrested.

The case was investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Norwalk Station.

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