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Man Attacked by Teens With Hammers When He Goes to Grindr Date




Man attacked by youths with hammers when he turns up for Grindr date

By David Huson for Queerty

DUBLIN, IRELAND — A man was viciously attacked by a gang of teenagers with weapons when he turned up for what he thought would be a Grindr date. The incident took place on Tuesday night in Dublin, Ireland.

Marc Power, of Coolock, north Dublin, had to go to a hospital for treatment for his injuries. From there, he posted an account of what happened, along with images. He required stitches for his wounds.

“I’ve just been the victim of a premeditated homophobic attack here in Dublin. Went to meet someone off Grindr. Was meet [ sic ] a group of teenage boys with weapons. They tried to kill me with these weapons. They were trying to hit me on the head with hammers.

“They didn’t manage but I’m in the emergency room in hospital with facial injuries and my car was destroyed. I’m ok but fucking angry.” […]

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