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Mally Mall Sued by Model for Sexual Battery



Mally Mall Sued for Sexual Battery

LOS ANGELES (TMZ) — 1:28 PM PT — A rep for Mally Mall tells TMZ … This is a blatant attempt at extortion. There is absolutely no factual basis or merit in this case.

Ex-“Love and Hip Hop” star Mally Mall is facing a new lawsuit for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman, who claims she went to his home to talk business and ended up in an orgy-like nightmare.

26-year-old fitness and clothing model Quashay Davis says she flew from Dallas to L.A. in January 2019 to meet with Mally about her career in the fitness biz.

She says she went to his house, where he introduced her to an ex-porn star named Jayla Foxx . She claims while laying in bed … Mally had Jayla go get a mixed drink — with Hennessey — which she brought to the bedroom.

Quashay says she drank it, and then got dizzy and blacked out. According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the next thing she remembered was waking up to a masseuse massaging her.

She claims Mally was there too, and slapped her face in an effort to keep her conscious … and said, “You’re my new bitch,” and “You’re my Jayla number two.” Quashay alleges Mally also tried to get her to do cocaine, then forced her to perform oral sex on him — before roughly penetrating her.

Quashay says she asked Mally to stop, but he put more of his weight on her … and she “feared for her life and worried that he would crush or choke her to death.”

In docs, Quashay says both Jayla and Mally told her they’d spiked her drink with molly (MDMA or ecstasy). She claims she went in and out of consciousness that day, and when she later woke up she was surrounded by several other naked women in a “hypersexualized environment.”

She claims she tried to get away, but Mally threatened to kill her if she fled … and also called her a “stupid dumb n****r.”

Quashay claims she finally left the home the next day, after Mally had passed out, and Jayla took her to urgent care … where medical personnel examined her and found her “injuries were consistent with a rape.”

She’s suing him for sexual battery, false imprisonment, gender violence and infliction of emotional and physical distress.

Originally published — 12:43 PM PT

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Bev Hills Police Chief to Retire Amid Discrimination Lawsuits



Bev Hills Police Chief to Retire Amid Discrimination Lawsuits

BEVERLY HILLS — Beverly Hills City Manager George Chavez announced that Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli will retire from the department, effective May 15, 2020.

NBC LA cites “several law enforcement and other sources” as saying that Spagnoli was notified “she had until Friday, April 24, to resign or face possible termination.”

Spagnoli joined BHPD in February of 2016 from the City of San Leandro in Northern California where she served as Chief since 2011.  She has been accused in multiple lawsuits of using slurs and making remarks about Jews, employees who were LGBTQ and people of color. NBCLA reports on allegations of promoting mostly white men and having sexual contact with employees.

“During the Chief’s tenure, crime was reduced while the department increased diversity, public outreach, best practices and advancements in technology,” said Chavez.  “We thank Chief Spagnoli for her service to our community and her three decades of public service in law enforcement.”

“I am grateful to have served Beverly Hills and proud of the accomplishments over the past 4 years to keep this world-class community one of the safest in the nation,” said Chief Spagnoli.

Chavez is expected to name an Interim Police Chief in the coming weeks. 

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Target Sued, Man Claims Hand Sanitizer Won’t Kill Coronavirus




LOS ANGELES (TMZ) — Target has a target on its back, legally speaking … the retail giant is being sued over the effectiveness — or lack thereof — of its store-brand hand sanitizer to combat coronavirus.

A man named Mardig Taslakian from Los Angeles filed a class-action lawsuit against Target and its super popular store brand, Up&Up, claiming the company deceptively markets its hand sanitizer “to eliminate 99.99% of germs” when there’s no proof to back that claim.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Taslakian has beef with Target marketing its Up&Up-brand hand sanitizer as comparable to Purell … which is dealing with its own lawsuit over allegedly misleading claims.

Taslakian claims the same January 17, 2020 warning letter the FDA sent to Purell — that there’s no scientific data to support its germ-killing effectiveness — should also apply to Target.

According to docs, Taslakian says that “by comparing its less expensive in-house private label product” to Purell’s more expensive hand sanitizer … Target misleads customers into thinking its hand sanitizer is as effective as Purell’s “and can therefore prevent disease or infection from, for example, Coronavirus and flu, along with other claims that go beyond the general intended use of a topical alcohol-based hand sanitizer.”

Although, Taslakian is accusing Target of insinuating its sanitizer combats coronavirus … the product never makes such a claim.

Taslakian want damages, including punitives, and an order stopping Target from making the claims on the bottles. We’ve reached out to Target, so far no word back.

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Starbucks Sued for Refusing to Redeem Gift Card for Cash in WeHo



WEST HOLLYWOOD ( — The Starbucks Corp. is being sued by a customer who alleges the coffee shop chain in 2019 wrongfully denied him a $1.70 cash redemption for the balance on his gift card at one of its West Hollywood stores, maintaining the company was obligated to do so by law.

Robert Paskey’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages as well as a court order that Starbucks provide cash redemptions for gift cards having a balance of less than $10.

A Starbucks representative did not immediately reply to a request for comment on the suit filed Thursday.

Paskey went to the location in the 8900 block of Santa Monica Boulevard on Dec. 26 and a clerk there denied him his request for the $1.70 cash redemption on his gift card, telling […]

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