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Mally Mall Sued by Model for Sexual Battery



Mally Mall Sued for Sexual Battery

LOS ANGELES (TMZ) — 1:28 PM PT — A rep for Mally Mall tells TMZ … This is a blatant attempt at extortion. There is absolutely no factual basis or merit in this case.

Ex-“Love and Hip Hop” star Mally Mall is facing a new lawsuit for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman, who claims she went to his home to talk business and ended up in an orgy-like nightmare.

26-year-old fitness and clothing model Quashay Davis says she flew from Dallas to L.A. in January 2019 to meet with Mally about her career in the fitness biz.

She says she went to his house, where he introduced her to an ex-porn star named Jayla Foxx . She claims while laying in bed … Mally had Jayla go get a mixed drink — with Hennessey — which she brought to the bedroom.

Quashay says she drank it, and then got dizzy and blacked out. According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the next thing she remembered was waking up to a masseuse massaging her.

She claims Mally was there too, and slapped her face in an effort to keep her conscious … and said, “You’re my new bitch,” and “You’re my Jayla number two.” Quashay alleges Mally also tried to get her to do cocaine, then forced her to perform oral sex on him — before roughly penetrating her.

Quashay says she asked Mally to stop, but he put more of his weight on her … and she “feared for her life and worried that he would crush or choke her to death.”

In docs, Quashay says both Jayla and Mally told her they’d spiked her drink with molly (MDMA or ecstasy). She claims she went in and out of consciousness that day, and when she later woke up she was surrounded by several other naked women in a “hypersexualized environment.”

She claims she tried to get away, but Mally threatened to kill her if she fled … and also called her a “stupid dumb n****r.”

Quashay claims she finally left the home the next day, after Mally had passed out, and Jayla took her to urgent care … where medical personnel examined her and found her “injuries were consistent with a rape.”

She’s suing him for sexual battery, false imprisonment, gender violence and infliction of emotional and physical distress.

Originally published — 12:43 PM PT

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Woman Who Claims Rick James Raped Her in 1979 Sues Estate



BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — A woman who says she was raped by late R&B singer Rick James when she was 15 years old is suing his estate for $50 million.

The unidentified plaintiff says James raped her while she was staying at a group home in Buffalo, New York, in 1979. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday against the James Ambrose Johnson Jr. 1999 Trust, which is run by the singer’s estate.

The suit was filed under the Child Victims Act, which opened a one-year litigation window for victims who were once blocked by the statute of limitations.

In the lawsuit, the woman said James was visiting one of the parents at the group home. She said he came into her room after dinner and raped her.

“He grabbed my hair and pushed my head into the pillow,” she said in the suit. “I tried to fight him off, but he […] 

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Bloom Firm Files Lawsuit Against Epstein Estate for New Accuser



Jeffrey Epstein's Suicide Attempt Surveillance Footage Missing

NEW YORK — Lisa Bloom, the daughter of powerhouse lawyer Gloria Allred, is the attorney for five women who allege that Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused them. Four lawsuits were filed in 2019 as reported by The Guardian on August 25th.

Three more accusers have joined their ranks. Epstein had been accused of sexual misconduct and jailed before his mysterious suicide in prison on August 10, 2019.

Of note, the two Bloom represents were minors at the time of the abuse. The fifth lawsuit was only recently filed against his estate, now controlled by executors. She knew Epstein from 2003-2013 working for his close friend. A fund has been set up to compensate victims.

The executors, Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, said in a statement last November 14th that the fund would create a “voluntary, confidential, non-adversarial alternative to litigation.”

Bloom said her mission in representing the alleged Epstein victims was “to deliver justice that was denied when jail authorities allowed Epstein to kill himself.” She has been a champion of women’s rights. Bloom’s practice is now 100% for the victims of sexual misconduct and she has given up representing accused men. That decision came after she found herself on the wrong side of the Weinstein story.

Lisa Bloom and Janice Dickinson announce a settlement in their defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby in Woodland Hills, California, on 25 July.
Lisa Bloom and Janice Dickinson announcing a settlement in their defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby in Woodland Hills, California, on 25 July. Photograph: Frederick M Brown

According to Bloom, Jeffrey frequently hypersexualized her work, controlling her clothing, hairstyle and diet. He ultimately sexually assaulted the victim on multiple occasions.

She was threatened into silence. He allegedly said, “I will burn you. I will hunt you down.” She feared for her life and that of her family and friends. She additionally suffered debilitating psychological injuries.

The search for witnesses and information is underway. Contact Marcelino@thebloom

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Masterson Fires Back at Rape Accusers in Scientology Stalking Lawsuit




(TMZ) — Danny Masterson is firing back at his rape accusers over their stalking lawsuit against him and the Church of Scientology … calling BS on the whole case.

The “That ’70s Show” star filed new docs — obtained by TMZ — asking a judge to toss the case on grounds the women, according to Danny, haven’t specified what they’re accusing him of doing.

You’ll recall … four women filed suit against Danny and the Church claiming they conspired to stalk them and invade their privacy. They cited multiple incidents of being followed, having their homes surveilled and their property damaged … which they believe was in retaliation for going public with rape claims against Danny, who is a Scientologist.

In the new docs, filed by attorney Andrew Brettler , Masterson claims the four women — two of whom filed as Jane Does — are engaged in a “shameful money grab.” He says the women are ex-girlfriends who are trying to humiliate him and the Church but doing it anonymously to avoid scrutiny.

He’d already denied all of their claims, but now … he’s doing it again in court docs. He says there was a criminal investigation 2 years ago, and no charges were filed.

Danny says he wants a judge, at the very least, to force the women to disclose their names publicly and, more importantly, he wants them to specify what he allegedly did wrong. He claims they’re far too general with their allegations, and he’s demanding they get specific.

There’s a hearing on the matter scheduled for March, at which point the court is expected to issue a ruling.

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