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Lost Proust Stories of Gay Love Finally Published




Lost Proust stories of homosexual love finally published

(The Guardian) — Nine lost stories by Marcel Proust , which the revered French author is believed to have kept private because of their “audacity”, are due to be published for the first time this autumn.

Touching on themes of homosexuality, the stories were written by Proust during the 1890s, when he was in his 20s and putting together the collection of poems and short stories that would become Plaisirs et les jours (Pleasures and Days). He decided not to include them. Quick guide Famous books that were only found or published posthumously

Show Hide Maurice by EM Forster Forster’s tale of same-sex love in early 20th-century England, which follows a young gay man from his schooldays, through university and beyond, was originally written in 1913-14 and was regularly revised during his lifetime. But although he showed it to friends, including Christopher Isherwood, he didn’t try to get it published, believing that he could never get away with a gay love story with a happy ending. It was finally published in 1971, a year after his death. The […]

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