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City of LA to Dismiss Some Old Warrants, Fines and Minor Citation Fees



LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey and LAPD Chief Michel Moore today announced that they will seek to unclog the Court system of five plus year old, uncollectible minor citations and instead focus resources on bringing to justice fugitive misdemeanants charged with serious offenses.

Over 80% of the affected City’s cases have been referred to collection agencies.

“We’re taking action with our law enforcement partners today to focus on the most important public safety issues, help address root causes of poverty and homelessness and conserve Court resources,” said Feuer.

“For example, the new Fugitive Misdemeanant Recovery Program—combined with the recall of 150,000 warrants for minor infractions—will enable LAPD to concentrate on taking truly dangerous criminals off the street.”

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said the initiative offers those facing fines for non-violent, low level offenses a second chance.

“This reprieve will help individuals struggling with homelessness and other types of economic challenges,” Lacey said. “Most importantly, we hope to make an impact that benefits the Court and allows us all to reallocate limited resources.”

“These are individuals who have not had contact with law enforcement for more than half a decade and whose only offense was a low-level, non-violent crime and failure to appear in court,” said Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore.

“This new smart policing approach will allow the LAPD to focus precious resources pursuing those committing violence in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.”

In separate motions to the Los Angeles Superior Court, both the City Attorney and District Attorney, moved to suspend fines and fees for minor pedestrian, quality-of-life and moving violations.

In addition to recalling and quashing nearly 150,000 warrants, the City Attorney is moving to dismiss approximately 800,000 pending infraction citations (with 65% of those over 10 years old, and the oldest dating back to 1981).

In addition to recalling and quashing nearly 248,000 warrants, the District Attorney is moving to dismiss roughly 900,000 pending infraction citations (with 54% of those over 10 years old, and the oldest dating back to 1981).

Doing so will improve public safety, help stem the tide of poverty and homelessness, and conserve scarce judicial resources.

Photo: Richard Vogel Associated Press

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Consumer News

LA Alcohol Delivery Sees Massive Spike Following “Safer at Home” Order



Photo by Waldemar Brandt

LOS ANGELES — Following California Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s “Safer at Home” order, Saucey has experienced an unprecedented number of users on their alcohol delivery platform.

The company has seen a 300% increase in area sales compared to a standard delivery day.

“As the concern over the COVID-19 virus has grown at both the state and public levels, I think you’re not so coincidentally seeing a rise in people ordering alcohol,” says Saucey co-founder and CEO Chris Vaughn. “We’re feeling the effects elsewhere too, like San Francisco and Chicago; we’re doing our best to assist everyone who wants to use us and use us safely.”

The Los Angeles-based app recognizes they are among select delivery services fortunate enough to be helping people in a variety of markets as they practice social distancing and protect themselves from the rapidly spreading Coronavirus.

“It’s good to see so many people making lifestyle adjustments that let them be as comfortable as they can be during this time,” Vaughn said.

There may be something to that comfort thing. Since March 15, Saucey has seen ice cream sales spike by 500% and soft drinks by 150%. Lime sales also spiked by 350%, potentially pointing to more people making mixed drinks.

As for the alcohol, vodka tops Saucey’s spirit sales and is up by 250%. Whiskey, however, saw the greatest spike at 300%. IPAs held the highest increase in sales in their beer category at 300%.

Saucey will continue providing safe deliveries to the people of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Silicon Valley, Orange County and San Jose.

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Costco Says Don’t Even Think of Returning Toilet Paper




(TMZ) — Costco is unsympathetic to all the folks who stocked up on toilet paper like they were never gonna get another sheet … because the superstore has made it clear — NO REFUNDS!!!

This sign was plastered on the wall of the Costco in Pentagon City outside Washington, D.C. Now that people have settled in, it seems they’re realizing they have waaaaaay too much toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wipes and Lysol, and apparently some are trying to return it for cash.

You gotta be a little sympathetic … lots of people got laid off after they hoarded these items, so money is a huge issue.

Also on the no-return list — Water and rice.

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Consumer News

Drives Aim to Keep Historic Restaurants Alive During Outbreak



Owner Dimitri Komarov at the famous Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood, Thursday, March 19, 2020. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

LOS ANGELES (Daily News) — With restaurants limited to takeout service or shut down completely by the coronavirus outbreak, a drive has been launched to keep some of Los Angeles’ legendary eateries from fading away.

Known as 1933 Group, the team operates about a dozen themed bars and restaurants in Los Angeles, including the barrel-shaped bar Idle Hour in North Hollywood, Harlowe in West Hollywood, Highland Park Bowl and the Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood.

Many of them have shuttered in recent days amid strict orders implemented by Gov. Gavin Newsom and Mayor Eric Garcetti, aiming to stem the flow of deadly COVID-19.

“We are struggling to survive,” said Dimitri Komarov, the venues’ co-owner. “The impact is dire. We’re losing our […]

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